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So this is probably going to sound crazy, but there are numerous individuals who are preparing for an Iraqi Dinar Revaluation. I guess the main reason might be because of how many different gurus there are out there. So, what exactly is a dinar guru? A dinar guru is a person who is supposed to be looked upon as an expert on the Iraqi Dinar.  Much of the problem came from this guy below, Ali Agha from dinar trade.  He promoted the Iraqi dinar RV for many years.  He then disappeared and was nowhere to be found for over a year, then he reappeared.

iraqi dinar revaluation

Here is are short videos explaining the Iraqi Dinar revaluation via a video:

The above video goes into detail about the MRI Bankers’ Guide to foreign currency. It explains that if an Iraqi Dinar RV were to occur, then most bankers would know because new currency would be released, they would know in advance.

Below is a movie about the dinar rv:

The man in the video reminds many people of TNT Tony from TNT Dinar.

So anyways, it seems that there are still quite a number of individuals who are hoping, praying that the IQD will revalue very soon.  Some have waited in Reno because they were told that they were going to exchange, they spent their time in hotel rooms waiting to be called, but that call never came.

Here is a news article where it was stated that the Central Bank of Iraq would release new 50,000 banknotes:


Banknote news also posted a story about the new 50k dinar notes:


More news on the Iraqi Dinar can be found on this Tumblr page:

The http://iraqi-dinar.tumblr.com/ page focuses on the Iraqi currency.

http://dinar-guru.tumblr.com/ is another one worth checking out

This Iraqi Dinar Facebook page has recently updated news on the Iraqi Dinar.

What is the Dinar RV?

The belief that the currency of Iraq will appreciate to a rate similar to what it was in the 80s, which was around three United States Dollars per dinar.  As of 2016, one US Dollar buys about 1,000 IQD.  There are millions who believe they will become overnight millionaires based on investing in the dinar.

WND Iraqi Dinar Revaluation

The above picture comes from World Net Daily and their article on the IQD.

Oftentimes, when people mention the dinar they bring up the global currency reset, and they ask questions such as this one:


More information will be coming soon.  We definitely want to discuss how the churches are being deceived about this revaluing of the currency.