*DISCLAIMER* This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating.
The 2003 invasion of Iraq lasted from 20 March to 1 May 2003 and signaled the start of the Iraq War, which was dubbed Operation Iraqi Freedom by the United States (prior to 19 March, the mission in Iraq was called Operation Enduring Freedom, a carryover from the War in Afghanistan).The invasion consisted of 21 days of major combat operations, in which a combined force of troops from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland invaded Iraq and deposed the Ba’athist government of Saddam Hussein. The invasion phase consisted primarily of a conventionally fought war which concluded with the capture of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad by American forces.

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  • ORENGEcarot

    fucking pussy americans. they love war and death so many civillians were killed and you call that shit "Collateral damage" you people must make unnecessary wars… i cant wait for the day when america will be invaded so you people will get what you deserve.

  • Hao Frank

    thank u so much for killed sadam and made iraq worse than it was thank god and thank U.S.A IN GOD U R~

  • Smile Schmitt


  • Muhhamad Faisal Siddiqui

    America is the biggest threat , war criminals , robbers and terrorists

  • MeNaCe 412

    fake and gay.

  • Brian Patrick

    where are the clashes? this is bullshit. and those are Iraqis at the end idiots.

  • Kim Hengsong

    fuck usa,,you grezi

  • Jazz Rattan

    what the fuck Is going on in iraq I'm here from ice cube I have no clue

  • Rebecca Johnson

    I love mustard yellow and burnt orange :)

  • Richard Chartier

    All war is very viscous. You havemtomrely on your other men tomsave you at almost allL times.

  • Michael P

    Usa get em boys !!!!! I have a buddy who is a Army Ranger Sergeant 1st class i AM NOT SURE WHAT ALL THE TERMINOLOGY MEANS BUT I THINK THATS GOOD. HE WAS IN IRAQ A FEW TIMES PLUS AFGHAN

  • Trevor Hubbard

    this war is bull shit who do they think they're fooling with this video??

  • Davonte Miles

    that what am going to do join the US army I seen how they treat each other Iraq that what am going to do fight for thoes who can't defend for themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • b he


  • Give Me The Shekels

    Good goy fighting our wars bringing us the money! Every shot fired is like music to my ears because there is many shekels in war.

  • Adis Zigo

    Education ? what a joke.What we will left to our kids after world war 3 who will educate them?Idiots but one day ur time will come to the end :)

  • Adis Zigo

    Some combat kids with guns.Oh u are so dead if war start versus Rusian and Chinese u have only toys but no mans to use it.You are so history :)

  • Nourdeen Eltaleb

    if u said this war for poor ppl and for human rights then you are a big stupid ,, usa need oil gas and power for Israel ,,, idiots

  • Aalali Ala

    I hate American soldiers

  • 曹晓雨(Aptac)