Iraq Currency

Mother invested 00 in Iraqi dinar currency

Original air date: October 27, 2015
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  • christopher Manning

    There are things that you two simply do not know about. Sad part is the man keeps saying that it's gone. Just go and exchange it. Man I can't wait until the value of the money changes.

  • Jordan Evola

    smart investment mom

  • Gibb H

    The Dinar will out perform the dollar. Dollar is going to crash it is not a basil 3 currency. Dinar is basel 3 asset backed. Better listen to old Mom and not the the stupid stupid your talking to..

  • Alvin Watkins

    The scam is you guys, you don't even have a clue. It will revalue for sure and very soon. You have not done your complete research. For there is a global adjustment of currency in the making as we speak. This mom should leave it to her grandchildren and not her son here. You guys can have your opinion it's a free country. When this happen
    be sure to come back on and say how wrong you was..

  • ArkDiscovery ShroudTurin

    This guy is a dimwit. You are suppose to buy when the currency is cheap so that when it goes up in value and Iraq has a high probability of resetting its currency because there are BILLIONS in foreign banks investments. Iraq just found the worlds largest gold vein. They have a mountain made of diamonds, they have tons of oil. Also the Iraq dinar was 1 to 4 USD. Thats 4 USD t every 1 dinar before the war and that was all based on Iraqs natural resources and that has not changed. So the Dinar will reset back to original value eventually. The lady who bought Dinars is taking very little risk if she sold her Dinar she would lose about $1500 to the banks she bought it from. She very well might as well sit on it. The DInar is already as low as it can go and even if it went lower which is not probable since it is already almost worth nothing. She might lose half her money at worst. Also almost all of Iraq has been liberated and soon the money manipulators will have to re-evaluate the Dinar to post worse value. There is no way the government would invest so much in the dinar with all the new high tech security features on the dinar on worthless money they did not think would become valuable in the future. Have you seen the New Dinar? It has more security then any currency in the world! Why would they do that with a currency they didn't know was going to be worth something one day? Why invest so much money and why invest billions on the worlds largest military base in the world the green zone? Why are all the banks there? Why are they investing billions in Iraq if they were not going to get their investment back?? watch out for the dinar and look for the USD dollar collapse. Don't listen to this guy. He is full of bull! Buy the DInar its cheap you can buy for pennys on the dollar and if you ever decide to sell you won't lose a whole lot. The chances of winning BIG are there and the chances of losing big are not.

  • ArkDiscovery ShroudTurin

    If this guy knew anything about economics. Even if he doesn't believe in the Dinar. He should have told her to sell the DInar and use the rest of the money to buy silver. He absolutely knows nothing about economics because every good trends forecaster will tell you the dollar is about to collapse and why would you tell someone to keep their money in the USD? BS. Don't listen to this stupid guy.

  • David Patterson

    What a bunch of idiots.
    In the entire world, add up all the currency that there is. All countries added together have about 6 Trillion dollars worth of currency. Iraq has 40 Trillion dinar floating around. Only a complete moron would believe Iraq can revalue 40 trillion dinar to be worth 40 trillion dollars. That would give Iraq over 6 times more currency than the rest of the world combined. Currency is used to support an economy. Is the Iraqi economy 6 times more than the rest of the world economy? The worlds GDP (economy measurement) right now is about 77 Trillion. Iraq's portion of that is about 225 billion. Iraq accounts for less than 1% of the worlds economy. Yet some think they will have 6 times more currency than the rest of the world combined. Basic math escapes these people.
    There was talk of redenominating the dinar. Meaning you would have to turn in 1000 current dinars to get 1 new dinar. that new dinar would be valued near $1. Unscrupulous scamming dinar dealers twisted those stories to make people believe they would get rich. It's a scam through and through. People have already been put in jail over this, yet as the old saying goes. There's a sucker born every minute, so there's a never ending supply of dupes to fall for this. The worst are the ones who've held on for years, blind and ignorant to simply facts.

  • JC88

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