Iraq Invasion

Iraq War – [ Documentary ] – 2015

Inside the Iraq War
Iraq War – [ Documentary ]
Iraq war, Usa in Iraq, Documentary Iraq, War, ahtvinc
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Iraq War – [ Documentary ]
Iraq War – [ Documentary ]
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  • Sam K (Big Daddy)

    this documentary of americans spreading their freedom.

  • Connor Grey

    Lovely culture. Gets freedom, can't organize trash pick up.

  • Carlos A. Garcia

    They alienated the "liberated" Iraqis, they are LATER CONVENIENTLY called "INSURRECTS."BLACK WATER gets a 1 billion contract!   Nice!

  • BOBBY Owens

    America sold WMDs to Saddam and let him use them.

  • Kiet Le

    They show war, gunfire, explosions, blood, death but they can't have cursing???

  • Vic Rattlehead

    Fuck Saddam and fuck Iraq too. waste them all and rape their women.

  • Engmohammadshaheen Shaheen

    All us presidant 45th can match saddam.all Americans can't match saddam

  • Joan Queen

    Iraq is kind of a doomed country. First dictator Saddam then Sunni insurgents and incompetent government. Even if Saddam were still there, it would be still a poor country. Who says democratic is not good? Middle East is a mess. Can't they unite and understand that there are bound to be people of different culture and religion in one country? Just have a clean and smart government who can make your country richer.

  • Troy Baer

    Fuck Jessica Lynch. She said her weapon wouldn't work because of the sand and it was time to just pray……… How about try to clear the malfunction on your rifle so it does work, like they train you to do in the U.S. Army and stand your ground instead of "praying". This is why the grunts think us support troops are pansies. Instead of pulling your head out of your ass and doing your job you decide to talk to some magical sky fairy.

  • David McConnell

    her nightmare was over??? what nightmare? she was being well cared for by doctors

  • David McConnell

    Holy shit….bold fucking lie about the sadam statue….that was a U.S generals idea to gain locals support and get them on board. The military have admitted this. They had soldiers round up locals and escort them to the statue…look closely at pictures….its mainly soldiers and reporters

  • Jesus H Christ

    Jessica Lynch. What an irredeemably STUPID little fuck up.

  • e93gsx

    Women in combat. LOL.

  • Xan Thrax

    should of never even been there

  • Hoho Koko

    another fucking American propaganda

  • Luke Hodgson

    i love saving private rian

  • Smar i

    The funny thing is they say Iraqis supported American armies…!!! more funny Americans citizens believe that.!! I have nothing against poor American citizens, but I want to say people in Iraq and countries around Iraq view Americans like French people viewed Nazis. There is nothing different between American soldiers and Nazis soldiers.

  • jj opin

    kill sadom= isis

  • franny YNWA

    Murica just keeps on giving and making more terrorists every single day..Good job america

  • Moses Owino

    …all for Domination