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Iraqi dinar guru report conference call

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  • Shabaka The Blakserpent The GOD

    Don't forget it's been reported that iraq is activating their banking reforms to do business with iran.

  • David Bradley

    its all about controlled looting and giving the ppl false hope….they are throwing parties because the looting is making them rich :).
    lots more stalling to come yet.

  • Kayren Williams

    over here cracking up you are quite the comedian Not
    Anti money laundering self i thought i only said it that way

  • Kayren Williams

    omg i had to go back and rewind it to hear that one more time too funny

  • Kayren Williams

    Snoop and Dre would take him str8 to the hood and leave him for dead

  • just surf

    ok hearing something posted on the CBI Arabic side of their website… apparently Frank/Delta confirming I'm hearing just fyi

  • larry skylar

    Shabbat Shalom

  • Pastor’s Son

    Bruce and the TNT family is ALWAYS doing that live rates on screen bullcrap. So sick of it!!!

  • TheDexxJ

    CURRENCY365…for your own credibility, please don't read from Bruce "Intel"…he's a brach of TNT and completely lost in his findings…believe me bro you don't want to start reading this guy's stuff…he's been saying the same thing for about 10 years

  • just surf

    http://news.yahoo.com/iraq-tribesmen-battle-inside-fallujah-second-day-000516492.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter how many nutbags do you have in your area? More than 400 I bet lol…why I continue to say the security and stability conversation in Iraq has a high degree of BS that's been fed to us via msm and dinarville so to speak. Abadi should know there will always be a hannibal lector running around or someone trying to rob a seven 11 corner store over there http://aranews.net/2016/02/kurds-allies-cut-off-main-isis-supply-route-on-syria-iraq-border/?utm_campaign=Contact+SNS+For+More+Referrer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=snsanalytics