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Dinar Vets Guru Site Hacked With Malware

http://dinarrvnews.net/vets/ The Dinar Vets website has been hacked with a malware injection. Please be careful if you use the website. It might look like innocent popups, but Malware can INFECT your computer, smartphone or tablet. There are tons of IQD websites right now, and quite a number of them have this issue. I really hope that all of you take the time to watch this video. Again, do NOT visit the website because as of 2/22/2016 the Vets site still has issues.

I found the problem because I was doing a Google search for “Dinar Vets” and dinar guru, and found a bunch of different posts from the site, when I clicked on one, I found that I was taken to a website that I did not want to visit.

At 00:26 Dinar Vets is shown then another site pops up.


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