Iraqi Dinar Investment

Mom Invested In Iraqi Dinar

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  • jvolstad

    This comment doesn't have to do with the Iraqi Dinar scam. but the next call regarding airline credit cards.  Of course if it's a credit card, Dave is against  it.  I travel for both business and pleasure.  I charge everything on my airline credit card.  It gets paid off in full the next billing cycle.Not only do I get frequent flyer points, but also preferred seating as well as other benefits.  I don't think I have paid any interest on my credit cards for decades!  Do I expect to get rich by using credit cards like this?  Hardly.  But it does have it's benefits.  If you can't control your spending, then cut them up.  It's better however to learn self control.

  • christopher Manning

    Wrong. You forgot the part about the dinar loosing it's value during the war. So you don't have to have a dollar if it is worth more to buy dinar. Before the war it had a rate higher than the dollar. So buy cheap before the value returns. The oil wealth is still there, the GOV is getting their act together, the IMF is opening the country up for a free market economy starting 2016, and the CBI has already started the Delete the zeros program. The value of the Kuwait dinar returned back to 3.50 two months after Sudom was kicked out while Kuwait was still in shambles.

  • TheDexxJ

    Sorry Dave with all due respect, you're wrong on this one.

  • Akee Jackson

    The currency no doubt will revalue. The biggest question is …………. WHEN ?

  • christopher Manning

    More dinar and dollars was pumped into the economy when the dinar started to appreciate back in 2004. The U.S government brought in cargo airplane loads of dinars and dollars. The then coalition government and the Iraqi economy was not ready or able to maintain stability of the dinar. Now we have the delete the zeros program that will remove those dinars and dollars that were pumped into the economy. Article 8 is around the corner. So let's see what the next few months have in store for us.

  • Jesse Green

    what about know