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Retaking Ramadi From the Islamic State: The Battle for Iraq (Dispatch 11)

Iraqi security forces recaptured a large part of the city of Ramadi this week in one of their most significant military victories over the Islamic State (IS) to date.

Backed by warplanes from the US-led coalition, Baghdad’s troops have been fighting to secure territory around Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s vast western province of Anbar, since it fell to IS in May.

VICE News embedded with Iraq’s Special Operations Forces, also known as the Golden Division, who have been leading operations to recapture the city.

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  • ninwe Babelon

    i love u iraqi

  • Ssupreme_-_

    Rip Issa ?? you will be missed

  • iCapitah

    Unknown serial number but had Cyrillic writing on it. Probably an old soviet state.

  • Ozzy H

    The cats are feasting on the dead bodies. It must be paradise for flies and hungry animals to eat that human flesh.

  • VeggeMight

    Lol that kitten eating that Muslim fucks leg.

  • jeremy balsley

    No matter the video, city, or reclamation force the cities are utterly destroyed and unpopulated. I'm going to sound like some kind of war hawk here but… Why don't they (the powers with the means) air bomb the shit out of the cities while the extremist are still there? Instead they flee and often wait and re-reclaim the city. I can't imagine that most if not all civilians left during battles make it out alive anyway. I'm sure there are some but allowing these guys to flee with all their equipment to fight another day is really stupid. You would have to go on a case by case basis but this is an instance I could get behind the civilian cost of carpet bombing. It's lose/lose no matter what happens anyway. At least this way the non-civilian casualty count may come closer to sum zero as far as creating new fighters. As it stands for every one that is killed 5-25 new recruits to replace, close the gap. It's a cluster fuck anyway with no right answers, however the Islamic State death tolls need to rise 10 fold+. It seems as though Russia is targeting based on AS governmental needs, not necessarily targeting ISIS/ISIL. I was convinced up until 6 months ago that the course was to have Saudi Arabia knock them out. I've since convinced myself that is a really bad idea because I think that Saudi (which has a shit, corrupt blend of Monarchy and Theocracy) would end up as the complete counter Caliphate to the Iranian one. So it seems as though it's going to be left to the u.S. (Under case u, due to not much unity) to take over the entire theatre and bungle it, just hopefully not as bad as our recent outings in the area. However Russia isn't going to walk away (MAYBE rightfully so, considering these are their neighbors) so how long until we're stepping on each other's toes so much and trigger WW3? I've been on this planet 40 years and have heard "the Middle East is at its worst point EVER" at least a 1/2 dozen times in my short life. THIS IS 100 FOLD THE WORST ITS BEEN EVER! Problem being is it's not just middle anymore, it's 3 continents. It stretches from Afganistan/Pakistan/India, across all the way over through all North Africa (also deep throughout Africa), and is heading north into Europe to what 12-15 countries dealing with the iceberg tip of what the future holds. All of this pretty much starts with a handful of IDIOTIC white guys that made some of the worst decisions in history between 2002-2008. Not that the decisions since have been genius, to the contrary. However if in particular 2002-2004 had been handled by some common sense, long game thinkers… I dare say we would be better off as an entire world than we were September 10th, 2001. It's just amazing that 4-12 guys & one woman could have potentially caused WW3 in less than 20 years. It's not like they had ambitions to colonize these countries, commit genocide, and steal the wealth of said countries. It was pure naivety, ignorance, neglect of facts, war hawking, stupidity. Fucking mind boggling game of Dominoes. The scariest thing of all is there is a good chance of having a similarly naively hawkish Republican in the White House in less than a year. Just 2 more words from my Atheist ass "God help us" Thanks for reading if you did, please like and comment! MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU!!!

  • mike brian

    Nice documentary , but I really can't take the Iraqi soldiers honesty , and integrity . Most of those people are just as radical as ISIS , and they view the sunnies as terrorists .

  • Ismail Abdul Jabbar Al-Brazili

    At the moment as far as I know the Islamic state still got control over north-west Ramadi

  • Ray Yaneza

    8:05 shows a little bit of humanity…even in war, even if it is by laughter, there is humanity.

  • silver9791

    there are no fucking kurds in Iraqi special forces. this programme is a fucking disgrace. if you dont speak the language you would believe everything.

  • Duff Mann

    God Bless these beautiful bastards, especially that dude in the Punisher shirt

  • ShadowViking47

    1:30 my god you weren't lying when you said "graphic content"

  • Gordon Skyler

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  • Mike T

    Love it, all the best from Canada, kill them all


    Why the fuck was that house pink? If ISIS made that their HQ, the US would be all over their ass with 105 mm bombs.

  • fah Reza

    oh shit,, the cat eat human meat

  • joey clay

    if only the economic migrants stayed and fought and helped these guys, Isis would properly be overwhelmed and defeated by now

  • Syed Shaz

    The guy at 3:33 is fucking immortal

  • Szelim Tessa

    when watching this video I realize I'm fucking lucky I didn't born in a place like this… :'(