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The website was owned by Anthony Wayne Renfrow, also known as Tony Renfrow.

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One of the issues with Tony is that he was closely associated with People’s Talk Radio and Sterling Currency Group.  Watch the video below where Tony pleaded guilty for his crimes with 14 daily plus:
TNT Dinar Guru – Guilty Plea Renfrow – TNT Tony – Docs 14 daily plus Pyramid Scheme Scam

TNT Tony (TNT Dinar Guru) pleads guilty to 14 daily plus scam Subscribe to newsletter for updates

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Here are some of the documents
US District Court – Kansas Website:
0:36 Document 80 for Anthony Renfrow
Court Case 2:12-cr-20041-CM
0:49 Petition to enter guilty Plea TNT Tony
1:07 Count 1 of Indictment Count 1 conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud & engaging in Monetary transactions of more than ,000 in Criminally Derived Property – 18 USC 371 & 1349
01:44 “Guilty” and to have the Clerk enter my plea of “GUILTY” as follows
01:56 (23) I offer my plea of “GUILTY” freely and voluntarily
02:09 Signed May 21, 2015 by Tony Renfrow
02:17 Plea Agreement – Analysis of Document 81
02:36 .676 Million judgement against Tony
02:57 Factual Basis for the Guilty Plea – Pyramid Scheme 2006
03:09 for 14 daily plus –*/
03:48 Kansas promotion with William Fox
03:55 Funds were paid in cash up to ,000 (avoiding the k IRS From 8300) see,-Report-of-Cash-Payments-Over-,000-Received-in-a-Trade-or-Business
04:10 Matt Becker Conference Call Tony lied to investors, 202 victims identified.
04:42 Proposed SENTENCE.
05:16 Slide-share link to recent documents:
05:48 Withdrawal of plea only if – assessment fee – full disclosure
06:21 Identification of Assets – polygraph possible
06:45 What stands out to me, 20 years, 0,000 fine
07:14 Arrest warrant for Anthony Renfrow – counts 1 and 2
07:50 Proposed Sentence (c)(1)(C)
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  • Berncell Snelling

    Good work Nick. Now I hope that you start on Dave Schmidt ambassador. Don't he know that people know better? They really tired to hid the guy.

  • Shething10

    I think that you are jealous of Tony because he has over a thousand followers on twitter while you dont. That explains why you only bash Tony and not any other guru. Apparently, Tony is the only one lying about the Dinar when he is saying what all other gurus are saying. Hmm that doesnt sound right. Maybe you bash Tony so that his followers will follow your gay looking ass?

  • Jeani Casper

    there is no rv for foreign currency.
    new digital currency which will be your smart and I phones mandated by Oct 2015.
    now I know why people burned their dinars years ago. they were smart! 

  • albertchesterjr

    Mickey Mouse!

  • Denise Bryant

    So what's your point?  You are JEALOUS.  So what he said, like all the other guru's said it was going to RV.  If you have a problem with Tony, be a real Man and go talk to him face to face.  You need to get you some business.  HATER.

  • apb38

    For there to be a scam someone has to get paid.  Are all these gurus paid by the dinar sites or do they own the dinar sites?  What exactly is the hustle?  Does ANYBODY know what's happening with Sterling currency?? I guess all I got is hope left.  Hope and prayer.

  • Rich Reid

    I can not believe there are still people alive who even follow this still, let alone believe an RV will still happen.  So glad I got out years ago and was able to sell all of my Dinar back to others who still believed it would happen.  This is laughable.  Hot Dog Tony is going to prison (should have gotten more than a year), hopefully all the other clowns running Dinar sites will follow him.  They can share a cell and have their conference calls all they want.

  • Doazic

    Hey you need to make a video on the Sterling Raid.

  • Richard Martin


  • Nani Girl

    Do you think there will ever be a real GCR EVER????????????? IN MY LIFE TIME.