Trump: Hillary’s Policies Unleashed ISIS

Donald Trump Saturday slammed Hillary Clinton’s policies while she served as secretary of state, blaming her for ISIS’ rise in the Middle East.

“Crooked Hillary Clintons foreign interventions unleashed ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Libya. She is reckless and dangerous,” Trump tweeted Saturday…

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  • GTAgamerHD

    TRUMP 2016! (yes i'm a democrat)

  • Danelle Lewis

    Really glad Kyle isn't following tyt in defending Hillary. Hypocrisy is ugly, and I'm glad Kyle has amazing self-awareness

  • Grammar Nazi

    Hillary = Merkel

  • Guy Pseudonym

    I hope Trump uses the "I toyed Hillary for my interests" to show how a puppet and a puppeteer are running against each other.

  • John Smith

    So basically Donald Trump went Bernie Sanders on Hillary's ass and she flailed and avoided the question. We'll be seeing a lot of this over the course of the next few months I imagine.

  • Lineage2MediaCom

    for the 100000th time TRUMP is right, yet again, and says the truth.

  • Lineage2MediaCom

    by Trump u mean someone who demands respect and all ppl respect, and can make the best deals for the country and puts his country first, while he has NOTHING to gain from beeing president and cannot by bought, right?

  • MastermindX

    Kyle, come out of the closet already. You hate Hillary more than Trump, it's so transparent. In your heart, you know you want him to win.

  • idaho524

    Damn, I think im going to be hopping on the trump train.

  • ho alex

    I dont think Hillary was reckless and dangerous, that was for Bush jr should be appopriate.I believes Hillay was utterly ' SICK and DISPICABLE' '!  She has not yet got absolute power like Bush jr so she is still far being 'Reckless and Dangerous'!   But you can stop her………..Good luck Mr. Trump! The world needs you.

  • Adam Thomas

    Isis. world's largest false flag.

  • AG

    HAHA, and Trump isn't reckless and dangerous? She's right, he's not qualified.

  • Bro Mikey

    You are a thinker

  • Kiwi Ben

    The whole fact that she views the world through that Cold War prism is what makes her a far more dangerous candidate than Trump in my opinion. Escalation of the new cold war that Bush and Obama started is not what the world needs. And Clinton's disdain for Putin and obsession with American hegemony makes the chances of a full on confrontation with Russia far more likely with her as President than with Trump. I don't like the fact that Trumps so petty and thin skinned and I think the positive things he's said about Russia could quickly be gone back on the moment Putin says something he doesn't like but I really don't think he would run the risk of war with a country knowing full well he would be the number one target in a full on nuclear exchange. The guy loves himself too much to risk his own safety. What I do think he ll do however is shake down smaller countries unable to defend themselves which has pretty much been the foreign policy doctrine of every president since the second world war. And Hillary has a proven track record that she would be continue that policy as well. Except unlike Trump she'd never have the guts to admit it out loud.

  • kestrel archer

    2:43 yeah, so its official Kyle just join the #LesserOfTheTwoEvil camp of Sam Harris, Bill Maher, and recently added Cenk Uygur. As someone from the #BernieOrBust camp, not angry just pointing it out

  • DylanDream Dream

    There is little doubt that Hillary is promoting the greater israel project

  • Ricky Holloway

    She also created ISIS by voting for the Iraq War in the Senate.

  • Sherridan Jones

    Wow.. talk about the pot calling the kettle black. lol While I agree that she is reckless and dangerous, to have Trump, the most reckless and dangerous person ever in politics calling her out on that is just mind blowing hypocrisy. Still, this is The Donald we're talking about and pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is either hypocritical or a flat out lie.

  • person19863456

    Lying Ted is also accurate so is little Marco and crazy Bernie

  • Taran Marduk

    Trump is the Moderate Independent Americans have been wanting for the last 30 years.

    Desegregate the bathroom! President Trump!