Al Qaeda

Embedded with Al-Qaeda in Syria: ISIS and al-Nusra

Three years ago, an uprising against the Assad regime turned into what looked like a straightforward civil war between Syrian government forces and rebels. However, over time, what had started as a largely secular opposition movement began to take on more of a radical Islamist tone, with two al Qaeda offshoots — the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and Jabhat al-Nusra — becoming the dominant forces on the ground across the rebel-held North.

One VICE filmmaker managed to secure unprecedented access to both al-Qaeda factions battling Syria’s government forces, despite the risk of journalists being kidnapped. This is a remarkable portrait of the foreign volunteers and local Syrians willing to fight and die to establish a new caliphate on Europe’s doorstep.

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  • The Dude

    They're straight up brainwashed. Poor souls

  • iskander x

    the chant at 20:24 gives me goosebumps. if i were a teenager in a war torn country, where my president would bomb me x my family, i would join any rebel army.

  • johan hermanns

    you can thank god for all this shit,seriously doubt of his existence they all fighting because of an imaginary pedophile and murderer

  • Hanif Hearts

    I am a Muslim myself and I tremble upon seeing 08:00. This guy knows he's gonna die out there, but does he stop to think that his little sister is going to die too when the opposition bombs the neighborhood?

    There was a tyrant dictator and you guys fought him. Good!
    But why take the war beyond that to the rest of the world in the name of Islam?

    Our sustainer, our book and our prophet. None of them preached this. On the contrary, this has been condemned for the sake of humanity.

  • Marine City Paranormal

    8:25 kid was a pussy hair away from blowing his head off jesus!

  • iskander x

    the name of the song at 20:24 ?

  • Abu Muhammad

    Bassar assad sucks..

  • Ian Woodbury

    7:24… bushlay-hima a ya calema…a ish a salami I-ama-dumm-ie…i am-ish a fri-kn idiot-ish! dude i can't hardly handle the stupidity. It's horribly sad to see a country of people so brain washed and so basically depressed they're willing to follow such low grade men. There are no jobs, there is no work, their own government could care less them or its own people so what else is there to do except fight over the dumbest shit possible.

  • GoldenPatrice

    All the deaths seen in the Syrian war relate to one thing… not Islam, not Christianity, not Politics. It is RELIGION itself which brainwashed and controls the minds of those seeking a place in "Heaven".

  • bishopob

    It's so disjointed to watch them in action. It's like a comedy. Why in the fuck would he drop his own weapon to run and roll and pick up the other fallen idiots weapon? And why are all these morons doing the "tilted head forward evil eye thing"? They look ridiculous when they do it. Like a kid on halloween with his "monster" mask ready to go get candy.

  • bishopob

    I posted here, thanks be to keyboard.

  • Ivan Torres Sikairos

    !mother fuckers!

  • koko ze

    14:47 fablous

  • koko ze

    ninja wanna be fucktards

  • Big Bad Wolf

    At 09:30 the translation deliberately omits the sectarian slur he uses against Allawites "Nusayri" regime he calls it. But that word is left out and it's just described as Assads regime. Typical though from the former British soldier Aris Roussinos

  • wakaka2waka

    Crazy white people and their books.. pfffttt.

  • Ali Abrahim

    stop the fucken killing, stop it idiots

  • Sebastian Lightfoot

    It become a choice, between a brutal secular dictator  and different Sunni extremist Islamist  factions, that are even more brutal. What a disaster.

  • Hon Sombody