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Face to face with Islamic State – BBC News

The BBC’s Orla Guerin is given exclusive access to members of an alleged Islamic State militant cell.

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  • Muslimah Alislam

    You mean israehel state making terrorist in this world.

  • Unknown shadow

    just fucking nuke iraq

  • Rossanna Levine

    yes it is true isis fallow islam 100/ percent i will give them a bible and three days let them have the. opportunity to repent. something they denied their victims. them shoot this mass murderes inmediately since they forfeited their own life by their murderous acts. however ipray for those who dot not want to be part of this demonic and evil organization to be able to escape. and never return back

  • Gix Lip

    Ugly faces shit

  • NickRand

    What pussies. They're all balsy in there videos, but as soon as they are captured it's always: "I never wanted this. I was told I was doing good, and I was manipulated."

    But you know as soon as they get released, they will start the same shit. Execute the lot of them.

  • suny das

    i hate isis and America.

  • IDontPostPorn


  • Sur Sam

    Bunch of bastards. They have learned well what kind of answers will extract more sympathy from western leftist apologists.

  • Jala Mela

    Alah snack bar

  • Vishal kumar

    Bastard isis

  • I Don’t know

    3:04 look at his eyes

  • Paulo Jorge Cruz Almeida

    +chazdamizta the hour i knock your house, you are fucking dead!
    Perks of living in EU. YOU ARE A WALKING CORPSE.

  • Zangempi

    But just to the root of all this,all the presidents around the globe should be only running three terms or less.Look what is happening in Zimbabwe,Syria,Libya and Burundi their presidents do not want to step down.

  • ayman soltan

    They will burn in hell inshallah

  • ahmed alkhulaidi

    Arabic is not translated correctly i am Arabic and i say they are lying

  • Ahmad Ali

    you are a bunch of liars as always
    the english translation is totally different from what they say!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and if you wanna stop the reaction stop the action you fuckin' idiots

  • Lita douchmcnugin

    at least they are caught!!!!?

  • SomeStuff

    1:00 Goat

  • milbanc4u

    This was hard to watch I don't speak monkey!!!

  • yassine yassine

    That is sheep fack video