Ezra Levant Show: Best of… Paris Muslims

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TheRebel.media presents highlights from Ezra Levant’s interviews with French Muslims right after the November 13 terror attack in Paris?

He asked: Does Islam condone violence? Is ISIS an Islamic organization. Their answers are fascinating.

  • J Kulkarni

    A lot of Japanese and now Chinese tourists get 'Paris Syndrome' where they enter into mental schok after realising that the Paris of their dreams (basically Paris form the 70s and 80s) or the Paris shown in the media i.e. a Paris full of beautiful White people, full of high European culture, fashion etc… is a lie and Paris is basically half third world dump full of Third world people. Maybe Mumbai can bring in more tourists by claiming 'Mumbai, the future of Paris'´╗┐

  • Conservative Queer

    I can't blame these brainwashed third-worlders for their ignorance any more than I would blame a dog for licking its balls. If anything, I blame my over-educted, liberal, queer, Jewish (but heaven forbid Zionist) contemporaries for defending this BS.´╗┐

  • HHHKingofKings58

    Muslims are always the victims ­čÖü These cunts should all be kicked out.´╗┐

  • john hunter

    Islam is a backward religion but there is truth about mossad helping isis´╗┐

  • maya purwanti

    Islam is beautiful religion´╗┐

  • Ivica Jaranovic

    USA are creator of destroying other county for profit and NWO. Look at how US dollar become a money of the World.´╗┐

  • UnknownHumanoid

    "Fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures were given [Jews and Christians]…until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued." (Surah 9:27-)´╗┐

  • R.M. H

    Looking to the facts comming up recently, looks they were right and you were wrong ;)´╗┐

  • R.M. H

    But well, you are payed to keep promoting this….´╗┐

  • yellow Mellow


  • SPAD58

    Taqiyya……look it up, it answers the question of trusting a muslim.´╗┐

  • sicsempertyrannis7

    I went to Iraq as a combat medic. I really regret it. I just wish the West would GTFO out of the Middle East. Anyways I found it interesting you saw so many men lounging around. The streets are littered with Iraqi MEN just chilling. Popping a squat in the shade . Lounging around with friends…. shooting the shit.
    and guess what the fields were littered with? YEP! You guessed it. WOMEN! Out there in the blistering sun dressed up from head to toe in BLACK doing back breaking work from sun up to sun down. This is not a lie. The woman in Iraq do the work. It's comical and sad at the same time.´╗┐

  • Daan Thijssen

    To all (USA)┬ápeople who are surprised by this: this is already going on for a long time. As a Dutch guy; this is no news for me. We get┬ádiversity shoved down our throats, and speaking against it puts you in either the racist, nazi or extremist corner.´╗┐

  • Lance Jejaati

    This is the best thing Canada has produced since Wayne Gretzky!´╗┐

  • barzinio92

    Islam blames the jews for not recognizing Muhammad as a prophet. He needed their blessing to get credit, they didn't give him, that's where in the curan it shifted from nice passages on the jews to horrible passages.´╗┐

  • Allan Brown

    typical of Muslims never taking the blame
    its islam and its backwards ideology
    btw there is no more Europe only europa´╗┐

  • Imran Bashir

    Isis = Israeli secret intelligence service

    Do your research´╗┐

  • Ali Khalid

    answer me this: Hitler said in mein kampf, that Christianity and God inspired him to persecute the Jewish people. Does this mean the holocaust was Christian?

    My other question, if America is FIGHTING isis, how did isis spawn in Iraq to begin with, when America occupied Iraq for a decade?

    And my last question, if radical Islam is the root problem here, then why is Saudi Arabia allied with America, instead of helping the Saudi people in establishing a free democratic society?´╗┐

  • Cheryl S.

    The question Mr. Levant posed at 19:06, "How do you build a modern, liberal society when you have 5-10 million people who deny that terrorism is motivated by islam?"
    The question is, in itself, oxymoronic!
    Modernity cannot and, will never co-exist with an ideology that is rooted in 6th century barbarity, that commands its followers to actively seek out Jews, Christians and anyone else that does not submit to islam and expunge them from the face of the earth. They cannot co-exist in a modern world when their, so-called, holy book commands them to rape children and babies, take child brides, beat and stone wives and kill innocent people by the most obscene means possible.
    Mr. Levant superimposes his western morality on a people who, from childhood, are commanded to memorize every quaranic verse and vigorously beaten if they fail. Whose people bow 5x a day to a god who commands them to hate anyone that doesn't submit to the will of allah, stridently reject western values and anyone who doesn't, is not a "good muslim."
    These people can NEVER be in sync with, or integrate into a modern society!
    The nazis were schooled in barbarity, a barbarity learned from muslims! We see how well that worked out for that "modern society!"
    Mr. Levant, stop trying to figure this all out, to see what WE are doing wrong or if they just altered their thinking a bit, it would work out better for society. This is skewed thinking and it won't work out well for us! There is no making sense here! There is NO "reasoning" as reasoning/modernity and islam are inconsistent, incompatible with one another and will be so until the end of time.´╗┐

  • sergiu vasea

    well isis actualy is an american and turkey and saudi arabia plus israel sponsored criminal military organization to bring down the regim of asad´╗┐